Study Group Openings

Brandeis National Committee - San Fernando Valley Chapter

If you are looking for an exciting study group, those listed below have available openings. Contact Evelyn Perl at 818-905-5393 or


October - November, 2019

Group # Group Name Meeting Day Time Description
13 Melody Mavens 4th Fri 10:30 AM Entertain at local Senior Centers
27 Monday Book Club 2nd Mon 12 Noon Meet for lunch & discuss books
111 On The Town 4th Tues Varies Explore LA
139 3rd Tuesday Book Club 3rd Tues 1:00 PM Read, discuss, and lunch
156 Tuesday Movie Chicks 2nd Tues 4:00 PM Discuss movies
164 Couples on the Town 1st Sun Varies Explore LA
171 Art Lovers 3rd Thurs 11:00 AM Discuss, read, museums, etc.
184 Women's Issues 1st Mon 11:00 AM Discuss topics important to women
201 First Ladiess 2nd Tues 1:30 PM First Ladies & powerful women
Pending Groups
F3 Current Events 3rd Thurs 1:30 PM Discuss current events
M3 Couples on the Town Sun AM Couples explore LA
U3 On the Town 2nd Mon Varies Visit different locations
V3 Boomers Book Group 3rd Wed 11 AM Read and discuss
E4 Share Happy Hour TBD TBD Share Happy Hour adventures
F4 Movie and dinner 1st Sun TBD Share a movie/ discuss/ dinner
G4 Couples Happy Hour TBD TBD Couples meet for happy hour
M4 Couples on the Town 3rd Wed Varies Couples explore LA
W4 Couples Movie Group 2nd Sun 7 PM Discuss movies pre-selected
Z4 Movie Matinee & Lunch Fri TBD Have lunch together & then see movie
B5 Couples Book Group Sat Varies Discuss books
C5 Gourmet Lunch Group TBD Noon Gourmet Rest. - LA, BH, SM, SFV
D5 Movie Group Wed Noon Discuss movies
E5 Women in Politics TBD TBD Discussions
F5 Mystery Book Group 2nd Wed 1:30 Read and discuss mysteries
H5 Men - Movies wives don't want to see TBD TBD Enjoy YOUR kind of movies
I5 Ladies lunch across the Valley 4th Thurs Noon Try SFV restaurants
O5 Breakfast with the guys TBD 9:30 - 11:30 Have breakfast and discuss
P5 New retirees TBD TBD Discuss your new world
Q5 Jazz TBD TBD Discuss, read, listen, see
S5 Porter Ranch Book Club 3rd Wed 10:30 AM Book Club closer to home?
U5 Scrabble M, W, or F TBD Need 3 players
06 Film Buffs 2nd Tues 10:15 See movides and discuss

Are you looking to join a Study Group? Do you have a special interest that others might share? All it takes is four people to form a group. Mentors are available to get you started. All ideas are welcome. Contact Evelyn Perl at 818-905-5393 or email:

Some Topics to Consider:
Short Stories
Classical Literature
History Book Club
Holocaust Studies

At the Dodgers
At the Dodgers

Running Horse studios
Running Horse studios

Running Horse studios
Running Horse studios

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