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Welcome to the Brandeis National Committee (BNC), your opportunity to join thousands of active women and men who share your love of learning and commitment to academic excellence. Founded in 1948, the same year as Brandeis University, BNC has been a vital partner of the university by helping to support its pursuit of scholarship.

BNC's 30,000-plus members enjoy unique programming with a connection to the university, including peer-led study groups and social and cultural events. Members can attend Brandeis faculty lectures in their own communities and enroll in study groups that use Brandeis faculty-authored study guides, videotaped presentations and films through our partnership with the National Center for Jewish Film. On a personal level, members gain satisfaction from sharing a common purpose: to raise funds that help sustain the position of Brandeis University in the upper echelon of American higher education. Membership provides local and national leadership development opportunities, as well as social connections that lead to friendship and camaraderie.

Whatever your lifestyle or interests, Brandeis National Committee has something for you. Becoming a member of BNC will make a difference in your life and to Brandeis' future.

As a member of the Brandeis National Committee, you will:

    • Be a part of a vibrant community of active learners
    • Participate in outstanding educational programs
    • Develop your personal leadership skills in a national organization with a compelling history and an exciting future
    • Attend presentations by Brandeis faculty throughout the country
    • Develop social connections that lead to lasting friendships.
    • Participate in chapter and Brandeis University-sponsored travel programs
    • Volunteer for a range of meaningful community service programs
    • Bolster academic excellence
    • Enroll in study-group programs created exclusively for BNC members
    • Receive the BNC national newsletter Imprint
    • Derive satisfaction from helping to support a world-class university by contributing to its library system, student scholarships, and research fellowships

Join a dynamic Brandeis-sponsored program and meet others who share your interest in learning. Joining BNC is making a commitment to yourself and to Brandeis University. When you do, you will broaden your horizons while helping to support an extraordinary university.



July 1 - June 30
Membership Plan Annual Fee
Regular    $ 60.00
Couples at same address    $100.00



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