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Tributes are always the perfect way to mark a special occasion or to simply remember someone. Your donations support a worthy cause since Book Fund money goes directly to the Brandeis Libraries to purchase books and scholarly research journals in all academic areas.

A special way to say “Thank You,” to wish someone a speedy recovery, best wishes on a special occasion, or to convey your condolences on the passing of a loved one. Why purchase a greeting card when a donation is so much more meaningful? Tributes start at $6.50.   Information and order form

Note: Your purchase of Book Fund Tributes is 100% tax deductible. We look forward to continuing the San Fernando Valley Chapter's tradition of raising funds. Book Fund offers members a way of enriching the University by sending meaningful tributes for many different occasions.

Please email Sandra Schuffman ( to order tributes to be sent for you. We promise same day service!!

card card card

card card

When you want to say "Thank You" in a special way - or want to convey your condolences on the passing of a loved one - please remember to do so with a Learned Research Journal for $35.00, or a Folio for $55.00, or a Book Collection for $100.00.

Your gift will assist in the purchase of journals and books that will benefit the students and faculty at Brandeis University. These are crucial to the research that goes on at the University.

Please contact Sandra Schuffman ( for directions on making the gift. Please include the following information:
   1. your name, address, & phone number;
   2. name and address of the recipient;
   3. occasion, with your message;
   4. how you would like it signed.

Learned Research Journal Folios: Supports cutting-edge research published in peer-reviewed scholarly journals that require access both in print and online.
folio folio
$35 Learned Research Journal
folio folio
$55 Learned Research Journals Medical Science Folio

Book Collections: A gift to Book Fund is a celebratrion of learning

Special Book Collection ($100)
Special Book Collection
in Judaica ($100)
Major Book Collection ($500)


You can honor or memorialize a person with a donation to the Sustaining the Mind campaign of $25.00

Please contact Sandra Schuffman ( ) for directions on making the gift. Please include the following information:
1. your name, address, & phone number;
2. name and address of the recipient;
3. occasion, with your message;
4. how you would like it signed. or more.

If you choose to go directly to Brandeis for this donation, be sure to mention BNC-SFV.

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Please email Sandra Schuffman (
to order things in this section
or for more information about them.

Brandeis Art Cards

The BNC is excited and proud to introduce Brandeis Art Cards. These all-occasion cards feature original works of art from Brandeis students. The four different designs wrapped in packages of four are sold for $14 per package. All cards are blank on the inside and feature the artists' information on the back.

card card
Three Cupcakes Santo Spirito
card card
Support System Untitled


Journal Guarantor Endowment Fund

Donations of $500 or more purchase important journal subscriptions and may be designated for the humanities, sciences or Judaica. Gifts of $3,000 and more are recognized annually with a note to the donor or honoree.

Endowed Medical Science Journal Fund

Gifts to this fund guarantee resources in perpetuity for the purchase of annual subscriptions to medical science journals.

Library Trust Fund

This fund helps ensure a secure financial base for the Brandeis Libraries.

Library Benefactor Fund


Donors of $1,800 or more to any library fund will receive a limited edition recognition pin designed by Margo Gordon (shown here).
The pin is an architectural interpretation of the entrance to the Brandeis Libraries. Knowledge and justice are exemplified by the flames and scales.

Library Collection

Gifts of $7,500 or more can be designated for a library collection in the academic area of the donor's choice. Gifts are recognized with a bronze plaque placed on a stack in the library.

Library Technology Fund

Gifts of $100 or more help to upgrade computer capabilities and keep the Brandeis community connected to ever-expanding information sources.

Library Work Scholar

Gifts to the Library Work-Scholar Fund pay salaries for students working in the Brandeis Libraries as a component of financial aid packages. Student employment helps offset the increasing costs of education, while at the same time giving the libraries much-needed support. A gift of $500 provides the salary for one student for one semester.

Library Preservation Fund

Donations help to repair and restore books and journals, the most economical way to keep books on library shelves.

Donor Recognition

In addition to receiving recognition that is specific to the individual fund, all donors of:

$1,000 or more in a single fiscal year become members of the Justice Brandeis Society, the university's leadership giving society. $1,800 or more in a single fiscal year to any library fund receive a specially designed recognition pin. $5,000 or more in a single fiscal year are acknowledged on BNC's Tribute Wall, a focal point in the foyer of the university's main library.

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Brandeis Sign

Planned gifts provide donors the opportunity to meet both their philanthropic and financial goals. Examples of planned gifts include charitable gift annuities, bequests, deferred annuities, charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts and donor-advised funds.

Charitable Gift Annuity: Guaranteed Payments for Life

Minimum gift: $10,000

Are you looking for a safe investment? When you establish a gift annuity with Brandeis, you:

    • Receive an immediate and significant charitable tax deduction
    • Earn income from the gift at attractive rates for the remainder of your life (and the life of your spouse)
    • Have your name permanently engraved on the Brandeis National Committee Tribute Wall on the Brandeis campus
    • Accomplish your philanthropic goal of supporting Brandeis University, a world-class, nonsectarian university sponsored by the American Jewish community

Your Age   Return
  65 4.7 percent
  70 5.1 percent
  75 5.8 percent
  80 6.8 percent
  85 7.8 percent
  90+ 9.0 percent

Rates valid as of January 1, 2019

Creating a Lasting Legacy

The most common and simplest form of planned giving is a bequest. This is a gift that is made through the donor's will and offers several advantages:

• Donors do not have to part with this money during their lifetime
• Reduces estate tax by removing assets from the estate
• Reduces probate costs
• Saves professional management fees on the estate
• No minimum amount

Additional Planned Gifts

• Deferred Annuities
• Charitable Remainder Trusts
• Charitable Lead Trusts
• Donor Advised Funds

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Make an online gift, tribute or memorial gift, or pledge payment using a credit card on our secure Web site. Brandeis accepts MasterCard, Visa and American Express.
Giving Opportunities on the Brandeis website.

By Phone

Call (888) 862-8692 and charge your gift (Visa, MasterCard or American Express).

By Mail

Print blank form, complete, and mail to:

Brandeis National Committee
P.O. Box 549110
MS 132
Waltham, MA 02454-9110


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