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  Mend July 2021
          Donating blankets to MEND July, 2021

An important part of our Mission Statement includes service to the community.

Chapter Volunteer Days

We have had several interesting activities over the years. We have gone to Operation Interdependence, MEND, and to the Braille Institute several times, and have worked at Operation Gratitude in the past. We participate in the Toy Drive for the Child Guidance Center every year.

Watch this space and the Events page for details on all future activities.

These are some of the places where we volunteer on a regular basis.

Our volunteer outing to Operation Interdependence was a big success the other day. Our 14 women and men volunteers stuffed a total of 25 boxes of donated treats to be shipped overseas to our troops. The staff at OI was very pleased and wants us back again.

Operation Interdependence
Stuffing treats into bag
Operation Interdependence
Some of the donated treats
Operation Interdependence
Mary and Dan Schwarz - faithful volunteers

The Braille Institute asksd for help to place labels on books for tots. We are able to provide assistance as needed, and several members have decided to continue volunteering at the site. After a recent volunteer event, we were thanked:
"Five Little Monkeys -- 103 books were completed
Giggles -- 20 books were completed (only one person worked on this book)
Now I Eat My ABCs -- 400 books (paper label only on the back of the book)
The Monkeys book is very long, so 103 books is quite a lot to get finished in less than four hours.
My thanks to everyone for getting so much done. Good Job!!
I look forward to your next visit."

Dots for Tots, October 2017

Dots for Tots Dots for Tots
Dots for Tots Dots for Tots Dots for Tots


We volunteer at MEND (Meet Each Need with Dignity) a few times a year. We help to distribute food and clothing to those in need. Pictures below:

Mend volunteers MEND volunteers

We volunteer at SOVA, which is a food bank under the auspices of the Jewish Family Services and provides food to all in need. We are available whenever they can use our services.

We have helped out at this organization on many different occasions. Operation Gratitude sends individually labeled packages to US Service Members deployed in hostile regions, to their children left behind, and to Wounded Warriors, Veterans and First Responders. This is an ongoing operation.

Every fall we collect toys for the children served by the Child and Family Guidance Center. These are often the only presents these children will receive. We encourage total participation from the membership.

Toy Drive toys


Natalie Hall, Chair

If you are interested in developing or organizing a project or participating in current Community Service projects, contact Natalie Hall at 818-775-9388 or email

A Very Special Thank-you
to our Community Service Volunteers
The chapter is very proud of those dedicated few who are loyal in their service to our volunteer program.
They deserve a medal!

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